6 Tips to Set Up a Successful Fitness Business

Awareness among the younger generation regarding their health and fitness is at its peak. People are moving towards healthier eating habits, multiple fitness regimes, maintaining weight, and more. This in turn has built a fitness-savvy generation of healthy bodies living an elevated lifestyle. Are you one of these passionate souls who have dedicated their lives to their health and can help others in achieving success in their journey? It's time for you to cash in on your passion - start your own fitness firm.

First and foremost when starting a fitness firm, you must decide what type of fitness services you would like to offer. Whether it's a gymnasium, a yoga shala, an aquatic fitness center, or a space that provides multiple options - whatever idea you decide to invest in, your business strategy, funding, space requirement, etc. will differ. Once you decide on the same, look for a location that allows your customers to discover, access, and frequently attend with ease and comfort. Ensure that your offering has a unique selling proposition - something that the competitor cannot easily replicate. Most service firms differentiate based on their service provider's talent, but as a fitness firm, you can differentiate from your customers' basis location, equipment, flexibility, etc. Look for the right leverage and communicate the benefits to your customers. While you pen down your business idea and research the steps to starting a fitness business, here are a few tips that can help with your planning:

1. Business plan and strategy:

A detailed business plan and strategy help understand the market, the business challenges, target audience expectations, and more before stepping into the business. You do not want to be blindsided by government regulations or market challenges once you have invested in the business. Another important reason to build a plan and strategy is to get investors interested in your business. The VC scouts will require an exhaustive report on the market and your idea before taking a decision to invest in the same. External investment is a huge plus for a business that depends on locations, state-of-the-art equipment, and highly trained and talented service providers.

2. System design:

While all customers are different and require different solutions for their problems, standardization is the key to a streamlined customer experience. Building a customer journey from start to finish and building automated workflows along the way to create a well-oiled system that floats the business regardless of the employee handling the post. A beautiful example of this can be seen in the movie "The founder", when the McDonald brothers explain how they came up with the "Speedy system". This particular story not only showcases the genius that the brothers possessed, it also highlights the importance of system design.

For a service based business, for example a yoga shala, it's necessary to ease customer activities and access. Take for example the registration process for a yoga session for a day, the customers must be offered multiple channels of booking their slot - whether through an automated appointment booking software or through custom mobile applications.

3. Ambience:

Since your customer receive the service offering in your place of business, the ambience plays a huge role in affecting the customer's experience. A good interior designer would help you utilize the space for better services. Offerings such as swimming pools, rock climbing walls, aquatic workout equipment, salt rooms, meditation centers, and other innovative fitness services have been beautifully designed by world renowned interior designers across the world. This is your cue to research for the best interior designer with experience in the field to glam up your workout space!

4. Trained staff

As mentioned above, a fitness centre in an area must have an advantage over others competing in the same area. Whether you have unique equipment, set up or attractive packages, all of these are easiest to replicate for your competitors. The only advantage that stays truly unique are the employees that your business employs. These employees are your assets and investing in a trained and experienced staff will prove to be successful in the long run. Over an above the professional education, equip them with soft skills and technology to aid customer engagement for an everlasting customer experience. The employee that smiles, builds relationships, and helps fast track your customer's registration process is bound to improve loyalty among your customers.

5. Marketing

The fitness industry caters to most age groups - from swimming lessons for toddlers to water aerobics for senior citizens, depending on your business, your target audience age group varies. Creating marketing communication for each of these target audience groups and identifying the right marketing channels is a task for the professionals. Look to fitness brand activations for major clothing and equipment brands to get ideas. Some innovative marketing ideas that you can peruse:

-Interactive billboards at public spaces

- Flash mobs

- Push-up/Yoga stance competitions

- Treadmill powered-machines for reward distribution

- Mini-obstacle courses in malls

- AR/VR enabled ads and pop-ups

6. Updates

Over the course of the pandemic, we've witnessed many fitness regimes such as yoga, CrossFit, Zumba, and more, that many have successfully been able to carry out in their homes. With little to no equipment, these fitness regimes continued to help millions maintain their healthy lifestyle while being stuck. Not just the situation, but also a need for change leads to updates and innovations in this industry. From aquatic aerobics to salt rooms, fitness is a lifestyle that can be achieved through a multitude of methods. More importantly, as innovations in the field are introduced, your business must change and adapt to stay in the run. Updating technology, trainers, equipment, space, etc. in time helps retain loyal customers and also increases your fees as you try to maintain your customer base.

To sum it up, the fitness business is an extremely satisfying industry to get into as you encourage customers to live healthier, better, longer, and happier lives. If you have an innovative solution to introduce fitness to any age group within your society, it's a wonderful idea to start. A successful fitness center is a surefire business idea to not only follow your passion but make a living for years to come.

Mukul Chaware

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