Appointment scheduling Software for counseling services

In the era of social media, people have started acknowledging that a positive outlook, calm mind, and stable thought process can help them build a healthy life and win the wonders of the world. People have started being more empathetic and compassionate with mental health However, maintaining all of this is easier said than done. Maintaining a rational mind feels like a struggle amidst the chaotic work schedule and busy life. It's common to ignore the need for self-care; physical, emotional, and mental. That is when counseling therapy comes in for the rescue.

Hosting online sessions and events is the most convenient way to reach more people with your professional expertise, especially after the Covid. The success and effectiveness of these counseling sessions depend a lot on how well you manage your schedule.  Since every case is unique,  your consultation gets better when you have adequate time and preparation for each online session. Managing all your bookings manually could be tricky. So, Shopify has a wide range of appointment scheduling software that automated the booking process. This software allows customers to book an appointment from the available slots of your calendar without any hassle, and as per their convenience. The clients feel empowered and you get to cut down the cost of hiring staff and the loss owing to manual error.

Do you wish there were more reasons for you to deploy them? Let’s get to the other reasons.

What are the benefits of using an appointment booking tool for counseling therapies?

Scheduling software allows you to take your business into auto-pilot and ditch the manual intervention all while ensuring that you have complete control of the booking system and can manage your calendar on your terms. The perfect scheduling application would help you execute the counseling therapy sessions 10x more efficiently.

  • Automates the process and saves them time and manpower earlier spent on appointment scheduling and calendar management.
  • Triggers automated reminders before the meeting. Hence, reduces the chances of no-shows, which helps to save expenses and also prevents last-minute cancellations.
  • Simple, customer-friendly applications to book an appointment from anywhere, anytime.
  • Booking systems that sync with your online work calendar remove the scope for double booking.
  • Offers flexibility of scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellation from the same application.
  • Keep the booking and customer details confidential.
  • Allows recurring and group appointment scheduling.
  • Allows integration with Video calling applications for online meetings with customers.
  • Allows personalization of the entire booking system by setting up themes, booking rules, custom booking forms, etc.

The most interesting aspect about these applications is that they can be accessed through any device, be it computer or mobile, and from anywhere across the globe. Moreover, you need to spend as low as $5 per month to grab a tool.

4 Appointment Scheduling applications for Counseling Therapies

Shopify brings you more than a dozen appointment booking applications, and each has its own set of benefits. You can go through the features and, based on your necessity, use any of these all-in-one tools. We have listed the 4 best appointment schedulers which are quite popular among counseling organizers.

Appointment Booking - Appointo

Appointo is an application that SidePanda designed to streamline the appointment booking process for counseling business. The application is meant to automate the booking system along with a seamless workflow and can be used directly through the Shopify admin.

  • The Application provides sell services from anywhere and supports POS and in-store. The data can be synced on both platforms, be it online or store visits.
  • You get an automated zoom integration feature, so there is no requirement to add links to services to manage the calls.
  • Appointo supports multiple languages, and it also has an automated translation feature. So, the languages can be easily translated to store languages.
  • It brings along exciting features such as the ability to handle a team, add custom questions, manage overriding bookings, and easily integrate with Google and Outlook calendars.
  • You can customize the booking rules and add buffer days, duration, setup opening, and closing time.
  • The application will automatically send reminders to the customers through emails. You can customize the confirmation, reminder, and cancellation emails.
  • The application also supports every booking with thank you, feedback, and reminder emails.

If you have only one product to market, get the free version. For unlimited products, you need to pay $15 every month, and you also get one team member subscription for free. The premium version is charged $30 per month.

Tipo Appointment Booking

Tipo Appointment Booking is a booking application designed by Tipo to offer a robust booking system. It is one of the most popular booking systems that can allow customers to book or reserve dates at their convenience. You can set up blackout dates or national holidays to make it easier for the customers to choose another date based on preference.

  • The application allows multiple products and services additional along with locations
  • As an admin, you can make changes in the appointment and the calendar manually
  • The templates are easy to configure, and there are different email templates for varied cases depending on the recipient.
  • Tipo allows individual as well as group appointment booking facilities.
  • The application allows automated email notification facilities, and the reverting messages can be customized based on pending, accepted, rescheduled, canceled, etc.
  • The application has a special custom field to ease the product or service displaying sections.
  • The application can be synced with Google Calendar, so it grants the upper hand to the employees as well as the customers to schedule or book dates according to preferences.
  • You, as an admin, can track the details of the appointments that include - status, time, date, employees, location, customer credentials, etc.

This round-the-clock booking ability application grants you a 7-day free trial along with unlimited appointments but is restricted to one service and one employee. With the basic plan, you get 10 services and 10 employees at the rate of $8.90 per month and the Pro plan is available at $14.90 per month.  

Appointment Booking: Appointly

This application is quite easy to set up and designed by Appointly to create a flexible booking system, which can be configured based on requirements. The application allows automated email notifications about the reminder along with calendar invites. It supports multiple booking systems and is considered to be powerful support that works for both merchants and customers.

  • There is a feel-good about the application as it has Shopify theme compatibility, and both free and paid theme stores can be accessed.
  • The dashboard has made it easy to manage the appointments or make changes at the back end. You can also manage the availability and do not require manual staff.
  • It has a 2-way calendar integration to block any dates or events or automatically make availability.
  • The application allows the customers to book multiple times a day and provides a seamless experience.
  • It helps group appointment booking and allows multiple customers to book the same slot. Moreover, the customers do not need to register as well.
  • The entire process saves time, and you get to invest the effort in improving the business.
  • The booking section also has a customizable font, color, and background setting to match your brand value.
  • The dashboard provides systematic analytical facilities to help you improve your strategies for the business.

If you get stuck, the application comes along with a support team to help you in multiple time zones. You can opt for the 14 days free trial service or the $5 per month starter pack. The Pro package comes at a rate of $9 per month.

Appointment Scheduling App

This application is designed by Copilot USA and is meant for appointment booking for services and products. This allows the customers to pick a scheduling date based on their preference, and no additional money is charged, but only for the product or service.

  • You can block dates or slots and also fix the opening as well as closing time.
  • It provides you with customizable call-to-action and scheduling button colors.
  • The application sends automated reminders and confirmation messages which are customizable.
  • The application prevents double booking and limits availability based on the number of appointments per time slot or day.
  • You can also set intervals for groups, events, or classes.
  • This booking system supports internationalization and can translate into over 40 languages.
  • A customer can book only one appointment until the checkout is complete, thus making it easier to set up the availability of seats.
  • The application can be integrated with the calendar to help you view the appointments on the go.
  • The application grants the leverage to keep track of the customers who paid and are yet to pay.

It is a customer-oriented application and quite easy to access and flexible at the same time. This application is trusted by many and comes with a free plan. The Essential plan starts at $10 per month, the Standard plan is $15 per month, and for the Standard+ plan, you need to pay $20 per month.


It is just a matter of minutes, and a customer can book an appointment with these applications in just a few clicks. They help to avoid manual errors in work and provide a simple, secure, and straightforward approach in this digital era. So, why wait, pick the right one and align it to your business processes to experience growth and excellence.

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