6 Best Shopify Apps For Pre-Order/Deposit

The current scenario of market competition makes it very evident that the center of every business initiative is gaining new customers and retaining the existing ones. Drawing a customer to your e-commerce store is one battle to fight. Once you win against your competitors, losing out on purchase orders because you are out of stock is the last thing you want. This is when a pre-order or deposit feature on your e-com site can make things work in your favor.

What is a pre-order?

A pre-order option allows customers to place an order for an out-of-stock or yet-to-be-launched product and get the same delivered by the seller when it becomes available. 

Instead of showing the dreadful “out of stock” or “Coming soon” label,  offering the appealing option to “pre-order” often encourages the buyers to go through with the purchase instead of abandoning it.

Having a good pro-order application linked to your e-commerce store can help you capture those orders that would otherwise have gone to your competitors. With Shopify's pre-order tools, you can improve your brand image and increase revenues by reassuring customers that they would get the products without navigating here and there even though the same is not currently available. 

Best Shopify Apps for Pre-Order/Deposit

Shopify offers several applications to manage your pre-order facility. But,  the biggest question is which application should you choose? We know it could be a tough choice to make, so we did the leg work for you. 

We can understand that choosing the right application can be time-consuming. So, here we have listed the best pick for your e-store, based on reviews and utility.

  1. Depo - Deposits, Payments & Pre-Order - created by SidePanda

DEPO, Deposits, Payments & Pre-Order for Shopify Apps, is the first application on our list and the reason is its feature-backed potential to manage deposits and pre-orders. With Depo, you get the benefit of partial and split payments. It comes with a dashboard that helps maintain the details regarding pending payments, pre-orders, the status of orders, etc. Customers also have a real advantage: they can pay a certain amount on pre-orders and the rest when the product gets dispatched.

It is one of the best and most secured deposit management apps available on the Shopify App Store. Now create a custom draft order in the admin through a seamless UI and amplify your store sales.

  • Assists you to charge your customer for the pending payments
  • Easily generate an invoice and keep track of all the charges.
  • If an item is retired, then Depo can help to manage the security deposit and refunds.
  • Access single or multiple partial refunds.
  • Easy to set up, and you can also seek help via live chat or send an email.

So, all you need to do is set the rules based on your business policies and create automated invoicing. Considering the pricing, you get 4 versions - FREE, LITE (which comes at $10/month), PRO (which comes at $50/month), PREMIUM (which comes at $150/month).

2. Pre-Order Manager - PreOrder - created by Amai

Suppose you are looking for an application that can manage pre-orders, send alert notifications about back-in-stock products or notify about sold-out products. In that case, PreOrder Manager is the best bet. You can form Terms and Conditions that the customers have to agree to add products and pre-order.

This application can help add a “Coming Soon” button to keep the customers hooked to the site. Additionally, you can also create a pre-order status for the out-of-stock products.

  • Manage bulk operations like a professional.
  • Allows applying discounts on all pre-ordered items.
  • Add to cart button auto-converts to the Pre-Order button if the products are unavailable.
  • Easy to install, you can add quick-view pop-ups on the e-store.
  • Get the leverage to set product-based settings based on variants, collections, etc.
  • Analyse the pre-order sales and monitor the pre-order analytics.

The most important fact is that the application comes with a 100% quality guarantee and if you are not satisfied with the service, you get a refund. Considering the pricing, you get 3 versions - a 14-day free trial, UNLIMITED PLAN (which comes at $24.95/month), and PRIORITY SUPPORT (which comes at $33.95/month).

3. PreOrder Now - Pre-order - created by Website On-Demand

If you are looking for assistance to boost sales with pre-orders and get the benefits of managing Out-of-Stock product notification or “Sold Out”, “Coming Soon” products, here's your right fit. This application comes with advanced features that can help you outperform competitors.

The current demand is to use different applications, in sync, to enhance the revenue. Pre Order Now can be integrated with apps like - Google Analytics, In Cart Upsell, Product Customizer, Pagefly and more.

  • It serves you with powerful features like mixed cart alerts, sending emails and tagging products.
  • Being easy to use, you also get the benefit of pre-order badges and discounts on pre-orders.
  • You do not need to add any complicated theme or learn to code.
  • If you get stuck, then grab its super-fast customer support 24x7.
  • Allows customers to place pre-orders for their favorite out-of-stock products.
  • It offers you a better customer experience and enhances your selling rate.

It is a perfect application for crowdfunding products. Being a Plug-n-Play Automation app, you do not have to worry about low inventory. Considering the pricing, you get 4 versions - 14-day free trial, exclusive FREE PLAN, SHOPIFY BASIC (which comes at $19.95/month), SHOPIFY STANDARD (which comes at $39.95/month) and SHOPIFY ADVANCED (which comes at $59.95/month).

4. PreOrder Me - created by Easyshop

Every business has its unique format and applies different strategies to sell its products. PreOrder Me brings you a perfect pre-order management tool. It’s super easy to install and allows you to add the pre-order option on any particular product and set the rules for pre-order in just a few clicks.

  • Shows the pre-order button on the product details page.
  • Allows customization to generate smart prompt text on the shopping cart page.
  • Even if you get a bulk pre-order, this app can manage the order.
  • You can customize the pre-orders based on different variants and different options.
  • Being flexible, you can customize the label, text style and format.

Considering the pricing, you get 3 versions - a 7-day free trial, STANDARD (which comes at $9.99/month) and SLIVER (which comes at $14.99/month).

5. Order Limits - MinMaxify - created by Intillium

If it seems to you that managing bulk orders on your website is more than what you can handle, then Order Limits MinMaxify is your deal to steal. To put minimum and maximum limits on your cart for products as well as groups. If someone has ordered 200 samples from your e-store, you can limit the sale or shipping items with MinMaxify.

The app works on Individual products based on customer tags or weight, cart total, number of items and products within a group. Order Limits MinMaxify reminds the customers before the checkout that they have to add or remove products in their cart.

  • Create automatic reminders and also customize the restrictions.
  • Easily define minimum and maximum product and cart limits.
  • You can also set limits on total dollar value in the cart or even total product weight added to the cart.
  • You can add labels such as “Sorry, “Order limits does NOT support” to make it customer-centric.
  • MinMaxify brings you a seamless, easy to install and intuitive interface and UI.

This application helps you to focus on building brand value and considering the pricing, you get a 14-day free trial followed by a charge of $4.99/month, it’s a steal

6. Preorderly - Pre-order PRO - created by Codeinero

Here is another application that has gained popularity for its ease of managing pre-orders, out-of-stock, and pre-launch products orders. With this application, you can create a buzz about a product launch and even manage orders during low inventory.

  • Preorderly - Pre-order PRO helps you to capture sales and schedule pre-orders.
  • It can be integrated with - sticky add to cart, trackifyx, sales rocket, Upselly, etc.
  • A completely customizable application - based on product, wholesale etc.
  • It allows the customers to buy products even when you have low inventory.
  • Maintain transparent communication based on timelines and product shipment improving your brand image.

If you are looking for some out-of-the-box features, then this is the app that you must install. Considering the pricing, you get 4 variants - 14-day free trial, BASIC (which comes at $9.99/month), SHOPIFY (which comes at $14.99/month), ADVANCED (which comes at $19.99/month), and SHOPIFY PLUS (which comes at $29.99/month).


Shopify makes it easier to streamline every booking and payment process. Choose the application that fits your business goal and objective from the above list of feature-loaded pre-order apps. Adopt the best-suited pre-order/deposit application and reduce the chances of issues around errors or the sale of orders. Especially if your product demand is high but the supply is low with pre-ordering apps, you can prevent the loss of potential customers, improve efficiency and reduce the running cost. So, it is high time you expand the business with Shopify-based pre-order facility apps.

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