Scheduling software for your wine tasting appointments

Wine tasting events are an opportunity to boost your revenue charts if you are in the wine business. It is indeed an effective and fascinating marketing idea. To bring home profits all you need is expertise in organizing wine tasting events and hosting people who are genuinely interested in the product and have an intent for constructive criticism, appreciation and admiration. Customers are usually enthusiastic to attend these events as they are interesting, informative, and entertaining. Wines have been part of formal events for ages, they have resonated with class and elegance forever. So people are often interested to learn the etiquette of drinking wine. 

So, if you are into the wine business and trying to expand your reach, organizing a wine-tasting event could be your big move. But, announcing an event is not enough. You need to manage the bookings efficiently, and Shopify brings you appointment scheduling systems to make sure that everything can execute seamlessly. Shopify’s bucket of appointment scheduling applications is loaded with features to release the time and attention you usually spend on booking management. With these applications, you focus on other parts of the event while the scheduling tools ensure your clients have all the information to be at the right place, right time, and expecting more than the right thing.

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Benefits of employing scheduling software for wine tasting business

Simplified Articulation

These applications display the reservations in a systematic format, and they can help to differentiate between premium tasting, winemaker dinner, wine tasting tours, etc. 

Moreover, every detail can be managed by the admin, and expectations can be included. Suppose you want to provide discounts to club members or special guests, then that can be done quite easily.

Easy to manage Actionable dashboard

Appointment scheduling tools usually have a comprehensive dashboard. You get to customize the parameters for appointments such as age, location, members, etc. You can also incorporate policies and guidelines to intelligently handle the client base. You can also accept, decline, or schedule a time for the customers requesting a different booking time.

Integrated calendar & Customizable rules

There is no fuzz about the mixup of dates as these applications have a calendar management system that syncs with your work calendar and helps the admin to block dates or mark them as not available. Customizations make the scheduling process flexible. By syncing with your work calendar they also help to eliminate overlappings in bookings by allowing customers to pick a date only if it is unreserved and available for booking.

Multiple channel facilities

Some applications have Omni channel facilities, helping the customers to book appointments through different channels. The applications can be integrated with any type of website to provide the customers with a high-end experience. Customers get the leverage to book a date through social media channels and the marketplace as well.

Cost-effective applications

These applications are budget friendly and meant for cost-conscious winery event creators. You get packages for as low as $7 per month, and you do not need to deploy any manual effort. Appointment scheduling tools allow you, as a wine tasting event host to manage the entire business or event from any place. The applications provide multiple payment options too, and they are usually charged upfront, thus, reducing the chances of no-show.

Multiple device access

The appointment booking system can be accessed from any device. Thus, the appointments can be scheduled and rescheduled 24*7, based on convenience. The customers get the upper hand to book a date from anywhere and on any device available. Even the admin or event organizer can make changes through more than one device without any glitches.

Customizable Booking forms

While filing any appointment scheduling form, the customer needs to share a few basic information. You get to access this information about the customers, which can also be stored and used to draw strategies for plans or events. 

Moreover, the appointments can be personalized according to the customers interested in wine tasting. This helps to deliver a more personalized experience and exhibit that customers are your priority. You can also add an option for feedback or review forms at the end of the session.  

Management of records

Every business record can be easily managed and tracked. This helps to focus on the drawbacks, improve and make future events a success. You get to access the payment details that can help to emphasize the point-of-sale, and you get to save time as well as money. You can also track billing information to fill the inventory gap, manage taxes and add new products without hassle. 

Automated reminders and notifications

Do not lose customers due to a poor booking follow-up system. These applications offer the facility to remind the customers about the event booked, and confirm their successful booking, cancellation, or rescheduling. These applications help to save a chunk of the manpower cost with these automated email, text, and notification reminders. The reminders also help in reducing no-shows and avoiding wasting huge revenues every year.

5 Best appointment applications for your wine tasting business

You must be well accustomed to the importance of automated features and the incorporation of appointment scheduling tools. So, it's time to upgrade the business. We have top-rated applications to help you gain customers, increase sales and enhance ROI. 

1. Appointo

An appointment booking application by SidePanda makes scheduling appointments and events easier. It is an all-in-one appointment booking software in Shopify that can help to boost your sales. This application strives to provide the highest quality of scheduling service with multiple optimized features. 

With features like customizable booking rules that allow you to set the opening or closing hours, automated emailing facilities to remind customers, and confirmation emails for successful bookings, cancellations, or rescheduling, Appointo is exactly what you need. 

You can also integrate Thank you, feedback, and reminder emails.

  • Set up event dates, add buffer dates, and duration of events, or even restrict holidays or any special date. 
  • Group appointments and multiple-day booking are also allowed.
  • Customers can schedule one slot, which is highly required in events such as wine tasting. 
  • Integrate a 2-way calendar with applications such as Google and Outlook to make the bookings automatically. 
  • The dashboard makes the management seamless, and you can export the booking data in CSV. 
  • The application supports POS and in-store, and the automated zoom integration makes the experience fascinating for your customers. 

You get free service for one product, and with the pro package here, you can add unlimited products starting at $15 per month.    

2. Storeify appointment booking

This is an application by Storeify loaded with features that can help to build customer-client relationships. This is completely free and provides flexibility to the customers to conveniently book appointments and choose any items they prefer. 

The application helps to reduce no show by notifying the customers about the appointment. It has automatic calling to remind clients before the scheduled event date.  

  • The features include multi-language support, team management, and compatibility with upgraded themes. 
  • The dashboard helps assign appointments to employees and edit, create or delete appointments from the backend, a great customizable property. 
  • Set dates based on services and send edited templates to customers and employees.
  • You can also redirect to any other page after the booking is complete. 
  • The customer can book a date from any location and time as a multi-language supporting application.  

3. Acerill Appointment booking

This is an appointment booking system from Acerill that allows customers to schedule appointments from anywhere. You get to work with the latest themes and get the leverage to integrate your work calendar to keep control of your slots and avoid overlaps. 

  • The application grants flexibility as you can integrate it directly with Google Calendar, which can be displayed on the website. 
  • It can easily blend into your store design. 
  • The application is mobile-friendly and supports multiple calendars at a time. 
  • You can add multiple wine tasting events. 
  • The application is intuitive and engaging, making it an ideal and customer-friendly appointment booking tool. 

The application is quite affordable, and you get to add one calendar for free, but to get all the features, you need to buy a package. The basic starts at $5 per month, and you need to pay $20 per month for unlimited calendars.

4. Appointment Booking Cowlendar

This is one of the recommended applications for booking appointments. A Shopify admin can directly access the app for a seamless workflow. The most exciting fact is that you can add a product and make it a bookable service in just a few clicks. Customers can schedule an appointment from anywhere. The app has shown significant improvement in terms of conversion rate and booking confirmation facilities.

You get to set a booking form on every product page that helps in the booking process.

  • Allows customization of the notification emails sent to the customers 
  • Customers gain the leverage to book any available time slot on the product page.
  • The app grants the flexibility of easy cancellation, rescheduling, and booking appointments. 
  • It comes with an easy-to-access dashboard that you can monitor.
  • The calendar is a stunner, and it has an easy-to-access user interface for booking from any website.
  • You can also attach a feedback form at the end of the booking.
  • The application allows group booking facilities and supports every worldwide time zone, including accessibility to several languages. 
  • You can also modify the booking dates and block any specific day of the week.

You can get limited services by availing of the free service, and the premium service comes at $9.99 per month.

5. Appointment Booking app

This application by Propel Commerce has made it easy to make bookings and appointments. You get to manage the calendar without any hassle. It comes with easy-to-step-up instructions and an auto-installation feature, taking less than a minute. 

  • The application is responsive and mobile-friendly 
  • You get the flexibility to sell products and services and organize reservations for events.
  • The application is designed by UI/UX experts and supports group appointments, Google calendar integration, and language translation capability.
  • The application is compatible with Shopify 2.0 themes and has been tested by 1000+merchants.
  • It comes with free widget customization that is compatible with every store layout.
  • The app grants you flexibility in booking, starting from configuring dates, lead times, lag times, cut-off dates, and more.
  • You can customize the notifications and emails sent to the clients automatically.
  • Maintains a complete log for past and present bookings.

The free plan supports only one product, and the Pro pack has unlimited product addition facilities that start at $12.99 per month.


Shopify brings you an amazing set of applications that can help to manage and ease your business requirements. Customers are indeed a crucial part of any business aiming for expansion, and appointment booking systems can help both you and your customers fulfill their requirements while having access to convenience. So, do not wait, choose an application that best suits your wine-tasting business, and get- set go.

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