Put Appointment Bookings On Auto-Pilot For Your Jewellery Business

The jewelry business has remained a profitable affair seemingly from the beginning of time. There is usually no major drift in the customer base when it comes to jewelry. However, the entire outline of the industry was shaken by the pandemic. Why so? Because the jewelry business, especially the precious jewelry business, was a hard-core offline business. An everyday transaction for merchants would be customers coming in, evaluating the jewelry, trying it on, and then making the purchase call. Customer interactions have always been an important part of these deals.  But, the pandemic disrupted this flow and created a hollow that was eventually filled in by online stores and online appointment bookings.

Almost every jewelry house, from small to big, has shifted to e-commerce websites and implemented an automated process to attract, serve and deliver flawless and fabulous jewelry to its customers. They interact with customers and convey and convince them over online appointment bookings. But why? 

Why is an appointment booking facility important for a jewelry business?

  • Customers can easily select the time and schedule a meeting.
  • One can sit at home and interact with the styling experts.
  • There is no need to visit the store to customize jewelry.
  • It makes the process of rescheduling and cancellation easier
  • One can easily get tips and report about the queries or send feedback.
  • The store owner can easily manage the entire selling and buying process without hassle.
  • Maintaining a solid connection between the brand and the customers.

Now, comes the real question - How to manage an online booking facility?

How to manage an online appointment booking facility?

Managing any online business requires the talent to juggle multiple tasks, from organizing web assets to understanding the competition. It also requires connecting with the customers and protecting the brand's reputation.

The work is huge, and monitoring each online appointment manually from the time it flows in, all through its movement until the final purchase move is unimaginably difficult. But, Like always, Shopify- the e-com bazaar has a plethora of applications that can help you manage your online business like a boss.  You are probably going to struggle to manage the customer-client relationships, missing out, overlapping, and having no-shows in multiple pre-scheduled online meetings. Shopify has you covered!

It hosts several auto-pilot-based online booking management applications that resolve all these issues and have already helped multiple jewelry businesses through effective adoption. 

Appointment booking facilities on Auto-Pilot

An online appointment booking system put on auto-pilot is the future of online appointment booking management and it has replaced the traditional procedures in most areas. The industry has an estimated growth rate of 13.1%  by 2026.  They have made it easier for businesses to sell items virtually, and that includes selling jewelry. Facilitating the lead management process and ensuring that the data flows to every branch of the organization in its most relevant form is really impressive. 

Features that make Appointment booking on Auto-Pilot your need for the day 

An auto-pilot-based booking system optimizes the redundant and error-prone task of manually tracking each appointment coming in from the online platform. 

Setting Appointment booking on auto-pilot offers the customers the choice of selecting a time slot through a dynamic calendar that syncs with Google Calendar and auto-triggers email communications based on actions. Customers also get the flexibility to book an appointment anytime, anywhere convenience and reachability associated with the automation foster brand loyalty.

  • Empowers customers to book the slot of their choice in a few clicks without any manual communication or intervention
  • Auto-sync appointments to your work calendar, so, no overlaps, no out-of-hour meetings
  • Auto reminds clients of upcoming meetings at customized intervals to avoid no-shows and last-minute cancellations
  • Allows appointment rescheduling, cancellations, and modifications over a few clicks on the platform.
  • Multiple analytical reports help you to understand whether your business is on the right track.

Reasons to put the appointment booking on auto-pilot

Looking from the business perspective - the automated tool has the power to ensure the growth of the business. You get to attract customers, convert and retain them. On the other hand, appointment software keeps the workflow self-managed and steady.

It imparts customers with freedom and flexibility. Along with that, it will also remove the pressure on your employees. And, they can perform more diligently, forming a stable team structure.

  • Relieves employees of redundant and repetitive tasks

Adopting an auto-pilot version of the appointment booking system ensures that you do not have to engage your staff on redundant, repetitive tasks. The automated appointment tool requires just a few people who can customize the setting and check the workability of the tool. So, you get a lot of your workforce to support you in crucial and critical areas of business that demand human intelligence. 

  • No time boundaries; Allows 24/7 bookings

Now customers can book appointments without any restrictions or time boundaries. There is no human dependence or intervention. This makes the process quick, efficient, reliable, error-free, and seamless. It makes the customers feel empowered to take the call as per their timeline making them feel like a priority.

  • Easy for customers, easy for you

Ensures a simplified pathway for customers to book an appointment and avail interactive facilities with just a few clicks. The possibility of video calling from any place grants a comfort channel to the customer. The appointment booking systems running on auto-pilot also allow very simple rescheduling and cancellations. One can conveniently access your business calendar, find the empty slot and book an appointment on the go.

  • Generate higher profits

The ease of booking an appointment leads to higher profits in one way and the other. Automated online booking systems ensure that your team has complete control of their day. They have a nicely planned schedule that auto-updates itself for any subsequent alterations, so they just execute meetings, convert leads and rock your revenue chart. On the other hand, business houses can cut down on employee costs and optimize their time and effort investment with reduced no-shows and scheduling errors.

  • Automated e-mail communications & Reminders 

Automated appointment booking tools help to ensure that your customers get booking confirmations accompanied by meeting links, schedule details, and all other information. They also ensure that your clients mark their presence right at their scheduled time with their automated email reminders and notifications. These automated reminders at pre-fixed intervals without any manual investment make sure your team can focus on the execution of the meeting and nothing else than that. 

  • Engaging and highly personalized experience

Automated appointment booking tools help you add a personalized element to the execution of the meeting. The automated appointment booking apps can ask questions and capture additional information from your client about their needs and expectations. This does not require manual intervention. This information reaches the relevant team which then brings to you the best proposals to ensure the success of the meeting. It can also send the customers a “thank you” mail and that makes the entire journey personalized.

  • Monitoring the analytics

You can also access the analytics board and understand the level of performance. This would help to reform the business objective and re-align actions to deliver the needed results. 


Turning your appointment scheduling system to an autopilot mode can be most useful if your jewelry business largely depends on client interactions, customizations, and more. In any case, for any kind of business, the most powerful tool is communication - You need to bridge between the client’s needs and the team's deliveries. So, establish a relationship with customers and understand them before you execute. An auto-pilot based appointment booking application helps you achieve that in your jewelry business every day.

Tarang Agarwal

Designer by degree and developer by profession, a front end wizard who likes to keep things neat and clean for the clients