How stores are using Appointo for scheduling delivery and pick-up times

COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot, and it strongly affected businesses on a truly large scale, especially the ones that involved shopping. The experience of in-person shopping or involvement of a person to pick up a package from a store was negligible or zilch. 

After bearing the brunt of COVID and facing the challenge of getting the business done, commercial businesses or retail stores made their way out and took the e-route. It was a mandate for service providers and retail business owners to get their feet online and adapt to online functioning while dropping the rigid traditional business working system. This step may have brought a lot of challenges with it, but the path did get easier over the time with easy accessibilities to software and applications that came in handy.

Appointo - A robust appointment booking application came like a blessing for the business owners on Shopify, making it easy to schedule delivery and also pick up the goods right on the stipulated time. The objective is to enhance the sales process, offer quality service and save a heavy chunk of time. Read on to find out how Appointo works like wonders for shop owners:-

1. Seamless Delivery Scheduling

Appointo is a one-stop e-commerce solution helping business owners to take their sales experience to the next level. There will never be a jumble in the delivery schedule because of this online appointment scheduling tool. This tool makes it easy for you to skim through all your delivery commitments with absolute ease. With up-to-date technology, Appointo keeps your customers updated about the scheduled delivery, appointments and reminders through automated emails.

It becomes much easy to schedule delivery because this application allows you to sell and deliver your services from anywhere while also syncing the data. Take orders from the customer on the website and after the point of sale, easily schedule delivery through Appointo.

2.Accelerating Appointment Sales

With one of the top appointment scheduling tools, you can accelerate your sales by allowing your clients to book appointments and look for your products and services on the storefront. 

Once the booking is done, it’s all a cakewalk; they can reschedule appointments or book a specific period of your available team and speed up the sales process. 

There is no chance of overbooking or multiple bookings at one time. The clients even have a fair idea about the busy hours and the days when the store isn’t available (Example: Holidays).

With Appointo, you will never miss any appointment, and your client will never face issues with bookings which will bring you a higher retention rate resulting in accelerated sales and a loyal clientele. 

3. Flexibility Of Functioning

You may be a seller of specific goods, or you might even be selling some service; regardless of this, the application offers the kind of flexibility that suits your business. Your clients can function with you rather swiftly, without even having the need to sign up or register. You want customization in terms of booking experience? You will get that all here. A one-on-one session, group booking options, book a product while also making the payment collection easier; you name it, and you get it. This flexibility allows anyone to operate the business with ease, be it a makeup seller or a wellness consultant! 

4. Systematic And Automated Workflows

A well-functioning appointment scheduler isn’t just the one that helps you with the booking but also makes your functioning smooth. With Appointo, you can automate your workflows and save your time in dealing with the hassle at each funnel.

Do you have a delivery to pick up? You can set up an automated email that reaches the specified team member just when it’s scheduled to be picked up. You have an appointment rescheduled; the right mail reaches the client before time. You do not need personnel to manage each and every funnel; Appointo comes to your rescue and makes your workflow manageable and smooth.

5. Top Features For A Simplified Shopping Experience

Appointo is a magic wand for businesses trying to keep up online. Trying to be at the top of your game and selling goods or services online can be a bit overwhelming, but with the effective features of this appointment scheduling tool, one can surely ace it. 

You can keep your team in synergy with all your deliveries and appointments. You can export your booking with ease and manage Zoom meetings with automated integration. Multiple booking for one customer, group bookings, custom bookings, you can do it all with Appointo. Your time is well scheduled, and there is no juggling with bookings; everything is right on your screen. 

From someone trying to organize an online event to a professional looking for an appointment manager to have clarity with all the consultancy appointments, Appointo is a wonderful application which works for everyone and anyone trying to make their space online.

Mukul Chaware

Loves building products. Handling backend at SidePanda. Currently Exploring Digital Nomad lifestyle