8 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

At some point, every business, every online store feels the need to improve their lead conversion rate and push their sales aggressively upward. If you too, are one among them, don't fret. Once you have established an online presence through a website or an online store, you have a world full of tools and accessories to push your business beyond the mark. To assist you in finding the right tools and making the right choices, Shopify has your back. There’s not a thing that this e-commerce bazaar can’t get you. You just need to pick the right ingredients, put them in the right quantities, in the right way, and Voila! Your unique secret recipe for business success is ready! 

Now, Circling back to the trickiest question- What are the right ingredients? Which applications should you integrate with your eCommerce store to give it the wings it needs? At Shopify, you also have a plethora of free and paid tools that can be massively beneficial in amplifying your productivity and be your success support. Since you cannot opt for all; you need to be very specific about your unique needs, business conditions, processes and workflows. 

Here’s a list of 8 popular best-for-all applications to help you choose better.

  1. Appointo

Does your performance grade of the day depend completely on how well you juggle between Calendar management, Zoom calls, follow-up emails and multiple other units? Then, Appointo could be your best bet. Know how?

  • It syncs with your Google and Outlook calendars and streamlines your schedules with no overlaps or coordination gaps. 
  • This 24*7 appointment scheduling platform is continuously available to take bookings so you have no clients returning empty-handed at any time of the day.
  • It allows customers the autonomy to fix a meeting as per the convenience by disclosing all the time slots available.
  • Auto reminds customers and all meeting attendees before the scheduled time to avoid any no-shows.  
  • The tool has multi-language support and you can customize the booking rules to fit your requirements

The application is an all in one solution that can handle multiple staff management and has a host of other enticing features that can amplify your productivity and get your profit boarded on a rocket. The setting up process is also super seamless to accomplish in a few quick easy steps, and you gain access to a pack of amazing features. You can get Appointo both for a free and paid version. The premium version starts at $15/month, where you get unlimited products. 

  1. Oberlo

It is a free Shopify application that resolves one of the core concerns for store owners - packaging and shipping. With this application, in a few clicks, you get to grab your goods, feed in the details and put them up for sale in your online store. Oberlo’s dropshipping platform gives you access to several exciting features that directly help you build your brand and make your sale process seamless. 

What made Oberlo win second place in our Shopify application list? Let’s see!

  • The application allows you to select and dropship products from marketplaces, so you can offer products for sale on your website without any limitations. There is no need to put in any manual effort as this application automatically ships the product to your customer.
  • It Auto- Updates inventory levels and pricing in real-time, so, you can keep track and control of the stock levels as well as prices of every product on your website.
  • Stay in full control of your orders with their order tracking facility that keeps you posted on the status of delivery.
  • Automate bulk orders and fulfil multiple orders with its one-click UI.
  • Further, when your business starts to grow, you would need help to run the business. This application allows other people to join you in running the online store smoothly. 

So, with free usage, easy integration, 24/7 support, customisable listings and a world full of other features, it is overall a complete product shipping and inventory management tool.

  1. Google Channel

Google Channel is one of the top Shopify applications because it makes your products 10x more discoverable. It syncs all relevant product-related information available on your online store with the Google Merchant Center.

Online ads are very important in the lead generation process and with Google Channel, you get to create ads in a few clicks, without any hassle. The only effort you need to put in is to connect Google Merchant Center with this application and sync in your products by connecting to your Google Ads account. This not only helps you in connecting to all your global customers through the internet but also builds a smart shopping initiative through your online store.

Choose the best time and place to showcase your products and the best dimensions for your ads; Plan, design, sync and review with Google channel to rock the revenue charts.

  1. XERO Integration by Bold 

Another most important aspect that bothers all growing businesses is the task of tracking all the transactions; inventories, invoices and taxations. This amounts to a lot of sensitive data that needs to be well managed to have complete control over your progress. Forget manual data entry; with Xero integration by Bold, you can easily export all the orders and inventory data in a few clicks. It is a free tool that generates powerful actionable reports based on exported data and provides seamless global tax support.

With integration to Xero, you can add several products and reach out to customers worldwide without any hesitation of losing track of your business deals. Automatically sync your Shopify orders and have accurate financial reporting in a few clicks. 

  1. MailChimp

When talking about sales and poor traffic challenges, we cannot resist referring to Mailchimp. Integrating Mailchimp into your Shopify Store, you get access to features that improve the sales figures and amplify the growth of the store. Let’s discuss how:

  • Initiate fruitful content and mail marketing efforts with Mailchimp tools to improve revenue and conversion rates.
  • Compiles your e-com and marketing data and helps you evaluate the ROI of marketing efforts
  • Automate the delivery of useful content as per customer actions; Cart abandonment reminders, post-sale follow-up, a gentle nudge for lapsed customers, etc.
  • Product recommendations based on customer’s browsing history

The application also comes along with Ad campaigns to boost sales on Facebook and Instagram. Mailchimp has both free and paid plans, and both are hard to refuse. With your hands on the tool,  you get the opportunity to build a healthy communicating relationship with your customers alongside a powerful data analysis tool. Start designing beautiful campaigns and take your brand to the next level.

  1. ModeMagic

ModeMagic is an all-in-one store conversions application, that helps you boost sales on your ecommerce store. ModeMagic helps you automate your flash sales and promotional campaigns, inventory management, and revenue strategies.


  1. Automates the entire process of online store management - from New-in, In/Out of Stock updates, Bestsellers, and more.
  2. Helps you run flash sales, clearances, and seasonal promotions in a completely automated manner.
  3. Gives deep visibility into store performance through analytics (such as number of orders, CTRs etc)
  4. Helps you build trust easily through trust packs and badges.
  5. Displays product information in a clear and concise form to increase conversions.
  6. 24/7 online support

  1. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

At present, the market is getting a major boost with the aggressive adoption of referral and reward marketing. If you intend to leverage this new craze, Smile is your deal for the day. With Smile, you can create a smartly balanced program with Loyalty Points, Referral rewards and VIP Points, and these programs can attract a house full of customers with a strong and vivid brand recall value. The programs also cut down your acquisition expenditures and improve your retention rates.  What more? Let’s see!

  • Do flexible branding with mobile-optimised rewards.
  • Connect with multiple other marketing tools such as CRM, etc. 
  • Basic and Advance branding
  • Default and customizable reward emails
  • Analytical overview of referral and points programs and more. 

You get Smile in both free and paid versions. So, plunge into the market with a host of rewards on purchases, customer referrals, social share, celebrating birthdays, and more. Take on the market and tell them you are the best deal for them.

  1. Loox - Product Reviews and Photos

The success and credibility of an online store, or perhaps any store, largely depends on the customer reviews.  It not only builds trust among the new buyers but also makes the customers feel valued. You shouldn't ever forget to put a review section in your store and make sure you fetch some honest reviews from customers. Sounds tricky? Not anymore. 

With Loox integration into your store, your company prioritizes its customers without the manual effort of being after them for reviews. Wonder how?

  • Send automatic review requests emails with delivery based timings
  • Offer discounts for adding a photo or video review
  • Set up attractive customer review widgets
  • Facilitate brand discovery via Google shopping and social media

This is a paid tool, and the basic service starts at $9.99/month with a 14 day free trial. So, go ahead and let Loox fetch all the happy customer reviews for the new and unsure customers and the bad ones for your growth and improvement.


To achieve astounding growth in sales and revenue, you need to track your products, your performance and understand your customers. It is an undeniable fact that every eCommerce platform needs a unique set of applications to manage and initiate its growth journey. The list of applications discussed above has immense power to boost your store's reach, visibility, performance, and profits.  So, choose well and implement better.

Tarang Agarwal

Designer by degree and developer by profession, a front end wizard who likes to keep things neat and clean for the clients